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Come Back To Me 3 Day Candle Service

Come Back To Me 3 Day Candle Service

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This candle is used to bring your love back home. Best used if the split was within 6 months. An excellent addition to other love workings.

The setting of lights is a very traditional, effective and easy way to work your desires and petitions. Especially helpful if you are not comfortable burning a candle yourself. I offer both candle and lamp services. You can find my lamp offerings under the Rootwork/Spells section.

Your candle is fixed with roots, herbs, oils, and prayers before then being burned on my personal working altar along with your petition. I do not use pre-made "condition" candles. You will receive an email and photo at the start of your candle burning.

These candle services are also a wonderful accompaniment or boost for other workings. 

The candle pictured is an example only. Your candle may contain different ingredients or be a different colour


Please include your petition, full name and birthdates of yourself and/or your target when ordering. If you wish to add a picture of yourself and/or your target please email them to


***As per the law please note this is sold as a curio only and no claims or guarantees can be made regarding its efficacy***