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Better Business Lamp Working

Better Business Lamp Working

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This is Better Business Lamp is perfect whether you are just starting a new business or looking for a boost for an existing one. Excellent to bring in more customers and clients as well as sales. We could all use a boost from time to time!

  Herbs, Roots, oils and curios are divined, prayed over and placed into your lamp as well as your petition, playing cards and/or tarot cards and photos of those involved if sent. The lamp is worked daily as it burns for 9 days upon my altar. You will receive a photo of your working. If anything unusual takes place during the burning you will be updated. I use mason jar lamps with floating wicks for ease and safety. If I feel an addition is needed it is much easier to add.

Conjure lamps are my favourite workings. I always have one for prosperity and abundance and one for protection burning at all times! Conjure lamps or "setting of lights" is a very traditional and powerful way of working your petitions. 

Please email your petition, a little about the situation you are looking for assistance with,  a photo of who the working is for as well as full name and birthdate. If you are unsure what type of working would be best for you please contact me.

***As per the law please note this is sold as a curio only and no claims or guarantees can be made regarding its efficacy***