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Energy Healing Session - Distance

Energy Healing Session - Distance

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A distance Energy healing session with me involves crystals, chakra clearing and Reiki healing all while in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those on the go who may not be able to access a practitioner near them. Reiki healing uses Universal energy which is available anytime, anywhere and can easily travel any distance. It can be used on adults, children or pets for any issues you may have or a seasonal tune up.

I have worked extensively with Hospice and have a special place in my heart for those transitioning from this life and those that are left behind. Reiki allows grief, anger and pain to come to the surface and gently release. A deep feeling of relaxation is usually felt after the session. 

A distance Reiki healing session is approximately 45 minutes in length. All that is required is a comfortable place for you to relax without interruptions. Afterwards you will get an assessment with any issues or blockages and how to work on them if they were unable to be completely cleared. Sometimes this can be as simple as wearing different colours or carrying a stone! 

I request a photo, name, any issues you are having that you would like to work on and preferred times and dates for your session.