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New Moon Candle Work

New Moon Candle Work

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I am so pleased to offer this new moon candle working. New moons are all about new beginnings, attraction, manifesting and blessings. The perfect time to put your petitions out to the Universe. 

This is a group working rather than an individual one. 4 candles are prepared using oils, roots and herbs. 1 for healing and health, 1 for prosperity and abundance, 1 for love and 1 for peace and joy. Offerings, flowers, incense and whatever else calls to me are added on this special altar that is made for this 48 hour period only. Your petition is anointed, blessed, prayed over and placed under your very own tealight which has also been anointed, blessed and prayed over. Your petition stays on the altar for the 48 hours and then is taken to the water to be released with all of the offerings, candles etc... 

A beautiful way to have your petition put forth. Pictures will be sent of the altar and your candle.