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Shut Your Mouth Lamp

Shut Your Mouth Lamp

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Designed to stop people gossiping and running their mouth about you. This does not harm them but causes them to be very uncomfortable any time they utter your name and receive back any harm they have caused you. I work with Saint Ramon for this lamp. This is a 9 day working.

You may notice this lamp and my other "negative" and justice workings are double the price. I add a $100 fee on to such workings as they require special considerations that other workings do not. They require a separate space as the energies involved need to be isolated. Each day that they are worked requires not only a personal cleansing but a deep cleansing of my space and home as well. This triples the time needed to do these workings. I am sure you can find other workers who will do these works cheaper (and more expensive!) and you are free to employ them if you wish. For me, my own personal safety both spiritual and physical are first and foremost and therefore I charge accordingly.

  Herbs, Roots, oils and curios are divined, prayed over and placed into your lamp as well as your petition, playing cards and/or tarot cards and photos of those involved if sent. The lamp is worked daily as it burns for 9 days upon my altar. You will receive a photo of your working. If anything unusual takes place during the burning you will be updated. I use mason jar lamps with floating wicks for ease and safety. If I feel an addition is needed it is much easier to add.

Conjure lamps are my favourite workings. I always have one for prosperity and abundance and one for protection burning at all times! Conjure lamps or "setting of lights" is a very traditional and powerful way of working your petitions. 

Please email your petition, a little about the situation you are looking for assistance with,  a photo of who the working is for as well as full name and birthdate. If you are unsure what type of working would be best for you please contact me.

***As per the law please note this is sold as a curio only and no claims or guarantees can be made regarding its efficacy***