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Sweeten Your Finances Sugar Jar

Sweeten Your Finances Sugar Jar

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This sugar jar is the best alternative to today's honey jar craze. While honey is definitely sweet it is not traditional nor is it fast acting. If looking for prosperity that slowly builds then it would work best for you!

My sugar jars include your petition, oils, herbs roots etc. They are worked and prayed over daily for 5 days. A new candle is lit and burned fully on your jar daily. At the end of the 5 days your jar is buried so that nature's beings can carry your petition off around the world. I love sugar jars and they have so many, many uses.

All works are anointed in various herbs, roots and oils which have been divined specifically for your situation. Your petition is anointed, prayed over and then placed beneath your candles or in the work as applicable. The entire working is then prayed over again, lit and watched. You will be emailed a photo of your working as well as any issues that came up during the burn. 

=After purchasing please email me at or use the space provided during purchase to send your petition. If you are unsure what type of working would be best for you please contact me for a free consultation.


Please note that no magical working can be guaranteed.